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Julius K9 SHERIFF Patch

Julius K9 SHERIFF patch - large

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LARGE: 6in x 2 in | You can order it for the following harnesses:

  • IDC-Powerharness 1, 2, 3, 4
  • K9-Powerharness 1, 2, 3

Comes in pairs! 1 package contains 2 patches.

**Large Patches will not fit the IDC Powerharness with Side Rings.**


Sometimes a yellow ribbon or other signs just won't do it.  Not everyone is familiar with the different signs that make others aware of a dog's behavior, condition or status.  The best way is to "write it out".  It is easy to read and people will know how to approach your pet.  However it is not all about serious issues.  You can put a smile on people's faces too by choosing a funny patch.
What can you do for the best visibility of your dog?
These patches in stock are reflective, and the address of our webpage on them is phosphorescent.  Therefore the patch will glow under all circumstances, even in complete darkness without using electricity!  This combined function is the All Time Light® system!
***Proof of active K9 handler status required for purchase***