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Modern Icon Standard Lead

Modern Icon Standard Lead – Black

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This Patent Pending Standard Lead comes in 4ft or 6ft lengths and has a large 7 inch long handle. Utilizing heavy duty 1” mil-spec tubular webbing that’s strength rated to 4,000 lbs, they are quick-drying, mold and mildew resistant and extremely durable.

The seamless integration of tactile response points mark every foot and allow the handler to know by touch how many feet of line is between them and their partner without having to look down.

The integrated 1.5″ clip-in points allow the handler to use a standard climbing carabiner as a backup clip-in option if their primary clip ever fails, and will also work with the Modern Icon Tactical Deployment Shackle we sell to give you a hands-free option.



1” Mil-Spec tubular webbing rated to 4,000 lbs

Standard Lead – Color: Black,  Embroidery: No 

Attachment Point: Solid Brass Swivel Snap (Square Eye)