Our Story

Welcome to Ashven K9!

We are a husband and wife madly in love with our dogs - so much that we opened this store inspired by them.

"Ashven K9" originates from our rescued Belgian Malinois dogs named Asher and Raven.

After they came into our lives, we shopped around for the best gear we could find. We soon found that in our hometown Corona, CA, we had to travel far distances to find quality gear - particularly gear that we wanted to physically see. We decided to open our own store to help those who love their dogs as much we do and ease some of these frustrations.

Our main goal at Ashven K9 is to sell dog gear with a purpose; meaning we will only sell the best equipment that is best suited for every individual dog and handler. Having two dogs that are polar opposites, we quickly learned that each one required different styles of equipment. Here at Ashven K9, we will extend this knowledge and gear selection to our clientele while providing excellent and personalized customer service. We do not sell anything we have not or would not buy for our dogs. This store is the the one stop shop we longed for after getting Asher and Raven. 

The Dogs: 


Asher came home with us in September 2015. We adopted him from the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. He was found as a stray and was lucky enough to be found by a GSROC volunteer.

Asher is your definition of a couch potato. Full of love and derpy moments - if he isn't leaning on one of us, he can be found snoozing on the couch. Don't be fooled though, Asher packs a mean bark and makes it known he is not one to be messed with.

Asher is about 4 years old.



This girl is SASSAFRASS. We met her in April 2017 and were sold with her calm and submissive demeanor. Little did we know...

Raven is in work mode 24/7. She is ready to please us and do what is asked of her. Chasing birds, lizards and Asher are a few of her hobbies. 

Raven and quite a number of siblings were found by police in deplorable conditions. Once again, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County came to the rescue.

Raven is about 1-2 years old

Asher and Raven are truly two peas in a pod and bonded instantly. For more pictures of them, you can follow them at @mrandmrsmalinois

Thank you for visiting our page! 

Ady & Nick 🇺🇸