Modern Icon Riot Lead
Modern Icon Riot Lead

Modern Icon Riot Lead – Black

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This Patent Pending lead was designed for crowd control work, this 2 handle lead takes the standard lead design and incorporates a second handle at 12″, allowing the handler to keep their partner close in crowded environments or when around other officers. When not in use, our unique design allows you to tuck the extra handle into an elastic keeper. This prevents it from becoming a snag hazard, but still allows it to be easily deployed when needed.  The integrated 1.5″ clip-in points allow the handler to use standard climbing carabiners as emergency attachment points—and will also work with the Modern Icon Tactical Deployment Shackle to give you a hands-free option.



1″ Mil-Spec tubular webbing rated to 4,000 lbs

Riot Lead – Color: Black, Embroidery: No
Color: Black
Attachment Point: Solid Brass Swivel Snap (Square Eye)
Embroidery: No